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Bring the excitement of the newest innovation from Valley-Dynamo™ to your location with the new Arena Air Hockey®. Real game features such as the Arena overhead-scoreboard, simulates the look and feel of an actual hockey arena. Real game sounds and lighting attract attention and keep the action on the table.

Score on this Arena and hear the crowd roar or slow down the pace, and hear the announcer “trash-talk” each opponent. Either slow or fast paced action each puck deflection off the rails allows for the sound effects to come alive and expose players to the newest sounds and technology in the game of Air Hockey®. Get your hands on the new Arena Air Hockey® and experience what the hype is all about!


  • Exciting Arena overhead LED scoring display keeps pace with the action & has a realistic arena appearance
  • Virtual audio sounds with each rail-puck deflection and goal scored
  • Announcer & commentator audio sounds
  • Attract mode audio and lighting
  • 2 Volume adjusting speaker
  • Exciting new colors and realistic graphics for enhanced playing experience
  • Inclined sides offer improved player comfort
  • Patented "Dyna-Blast" blower system delivers fast, non-stop action
  • Regulation-size playing surface for competitive play
  • Tournament-tested rails ensure accuracy and reliability
  • Durable leg levelers for easy adjustments


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